About the “Academy for Good Governance and Empowerment in Europe” (AGREE)  

The ‘Academy for Good Governance and Empowerment in Europe’ (AGREE) is a seminar and training programme for good governance and administrative action with a strong focus on application. It is primarily geared towards Ukrainian (in the past also Georgian and Moldovan) civil servants employed in senior positions in administration, ministries or government agencies. With a tailored combination of eLearning modules and attendance seminars in Germany, AGREE links specialised information, knowledge and experience transfer and exchange, empowerment, individual project work and competence training with excursions. Approaches and principles of good governance are conveyed and discussed in small groups in a workable and practical manner, and adapted for application and multiplication in Ukraine.

AGREE contributes to the transformation of the country: The project promotes the exchange of experience-based knowledge, practical experiences and competences for modern administrative action necessary for (institutional) promotion of the rule of law and decentralisation, as well as effective anti-corruption measures. The programme offers a tailored curriculum focused on issues faced by Ukraine (and other member states of the Eastern Partnership) which the participants can utilise for their individual professional biographies.

Since 2014, the seminars offered under the AGREE project have been based on the initiative of the Federal Foreign Office. The European Academy Berlin has since been designing, planning and organising several seminars each year which are held in Germany and range from one to five weeks in duration, and 12 to 25 participants. The participants take part in an eLearning course over several weeks to prepare for the programme.

AGREE - The Film

The premiere of "AGREE - The Film" is already behind us, now the film can be seen for all interested on our Youtube channel. Take a look and see what the Ukrainian employees of the administration and government have experienced with us from 2014 - 2018. We would like to thank the Federal Foreign Office for its support and comprehensive assistance and also all the participants who have brought the "Academy for Good Governance and Empowerment in Europe" (AGREE) to life in recent years!

Train the Trainer Film

They come from Kharkiv, Cherkasy or Dnipro. And they are committed to more rule of law, more sustainability and more citizen participation: Today the Academy for Good Governance and Empowerment in Europe" (AGREE) starts the first "Train the trainer" seminar 2018 with twelve civil servants* from Ukraine! But what does "Train the trainer" actually mean? Who trains what - and why? A new EAB film provides answers to these and other questions.

Why good governance?

Good governance and administration play an extremely important role in securing democracy, the rule of law and economic prosperity. No State can function unless the principles of good governance have been implemented. Without these, people turn their backs on the State, civil society creativity remains untapped, public funds go to waste and economic engines stall. Good governance, on the other hand, means building and developing an efficient, transparent, citizen-friendly administration,
creating a sustainable political system underpinned by the rule of law, shaping government action in a participatory manner and ensuring that governments behave effectively, transparently and inclusively. Any country that wishes to be successful, develop and prosper should gear its institutional framework for decision making and policy making and the implementation of policy decisions towards the principles of good governance.

European Academy Berlin

The European Academy Berlin (EAB) is an independent, non-party, non-profit civil society organisation. Since it was founded in 1963, it has worked for Europe, within Europe. It devises, plans and implements projects and formats to promote international dialogue and exchanges within Europe and beyond. The EAB communicates knowledge and know-how, facilitates dialogues and meetings and provides capacity building, skills training and consultancy services for both government and non-governmental institutions. It has a long history of proven expertise in the fields of European cooperation and integration, transformation and good governance, international relations and German foreign policy. Over the last 25 years, the EAB has delivered numerous projects, civic education programmes and dialogue and meeting formats to support the transformation processes in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia (in the post-Soviet region and post-socialist states).

The Federal Foreign Office

European integration and cooperation in Europe and with Europe’s neighbours are priorities for German foreign policy. The focus of Germany’s engagement with the Eastern Partnership countries is particularly on Ukraine.

Ever since the "Revolution of Dignity" was played out on Kiev’s Independence Square in the winter of 2013/2014, the German government has significantly strengthened its already close cooperation with Ukraine. In 2015, it provided bilateral direct assistance of almost 200 million euros (130 million euros in 2014). It also made 500 million euros available for a credit guarantee scheme, of which 200 million are earmarked for short-term budgetary support and 300 million for projects in the areas worst affected by the conflict. The German government also provided 18 million euros of humanitarian aid in 2015 and has maintained its strong engagement with and in Ukraine in 2016. The Federal Foreign Office has supported AGREE since 2014 under its scheme to promote democratic, political and economic stability.
(see Federal Foreign Office homepage (in German), accessed 21.06.2016)

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